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Game of the day - round 8
IMG 0183 (1) Hou,Yifan - Ushenina,Anna [B51]

Fondation Neva Women's Grand Prix Geneva (8.3), 11.05.2013


It was a game of the tournament for both players-in September they will play match for World Championship title in home city of Hou Yifan.So,this game was a real warming up for girls or ,maybe,game 0!Moment zero.Now they really understand the power of the opponent.I would not overestimate or underestimate the result.Of course,it can have different impact on players and it is not clear what is better. Of course,it always good to win,but...Let us wait and enjoy their fantastic fight!
Four decisive games in the round 8. Muzychuk and Khotenashvili still tied for the first place.
IMG 0226 In the eighth round of Neva Fondation Women Grand Prix the game between two leaders Anna Muzycuk and Bela Khotenashvili finished in a draw and both players keep on leading before the free day. Kateryna Lagno and Tatiana Kosintseva won their games and share third place half a point behind.  One of the central games of the tournament was an encounter between Hou Yifan and Anna Ushenina as in a few months they will play in the World championship match in China. The world champion Anna Ushenina outplayed Hou Yifan with black pieces after 40 moves and after 8 rounds shares 5 place with Ju Wenjun, who lost against Alexandra Kosteniuk today. The game between Viktorija Cmilyte and Tuvshintugs Batchimeg finished in a draw.
Game of the day - round 7
IMG 0068(1) Muzychuk,Anna - Kosintseva,Tatiana [C68]

Fondation Neva Women's Grand Prix Geneva (7.6), 10.05.2013


1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Bxc6 Very interesting choice of Muzychuk ,as Kosinceva is big specialist of main lines and Muzychuk herself is the best technician among girls.So,her idea to play Fischer variation is fantastic technical and psychological choice! 4...dxc6 5.0–0 Bd6 This line became popular recently,but in my opinion it is much more passive than other lines.
No draws in the seventh round. Muzychuk and Khotenashvili are leading.
IMG 0038 It’s well-known that women play uncompromised chess, so all six games were decisive at the round seven of Neva Fondation Women Grand Prix in Geneva.  The victories of Black outnumbered White’s success with 5 to 1. Anna Muzychuk outplayed another leader after 6th round Tatiana Kosintseva. Bela Khotenashvili won against Viktorija Cmilyte and Katerina Lagno lost against Hou Yifan. As a result, Slovenian Anna Muzychuk and Bela Khotenashvili from Georgia tied for the first place with 5 out of 7 points. Chinese player Ju Wenjun, who defeated Anna Ushenina today, is on the sole third place half a point behind the leaders. Alexandra Kosteniuk managed to break through unfortunate series and won against Tuvshintugs Batchimeg. Nana Dzagnidze defeated Olga Girya and has +1 after 7 rounds.
Game of the day - round 6
IMG 9927(5) Kosintseva,Tatiana - Cmilyte,Viktorija [B77]

Fondation Neva Women's Grand Prix Geneva (6.2), 09.05.2013


1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Be3 Bg7 7.f3 0–0 8.Qd2 Nc6 9.Bc4 Nxd4 [Viktoria switched to more positional line ,as her try in sharp variation was powerfully met by Tatjana 9...Bd7 10.h4 Ne5 11.Bb3 h5 12.0–0–0 Rc8 13.Bg5 Rc5 14.Kb1 Re8 15.Bh6 Qa5 16.g4 Nc4 17.Bxc4 Rxc4 18.Bxg7 Kxg7 19.Nb3 Qd8 20.e5 with tremendous initiative,m Kosintseva,T (2536)-Cmilyte,V (2525)/Moscow 2011.But there is unclear question-why such active player as Viktoria,is ready to suffer in worse pawn end?]
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